Shipping and Customer Pick-up Policy

If you're lucky enough to live here locally in Coeur d'Alene, ID (and surrounding areas), you are welcome to pick your order up at our Hayden, ID location. Select the 'CUSTOMER PICK-UP' option and once your order has been received and processed, you will be notified by text, email or phone to make arrangements for pick-up. 



  • Pick - Up - You will be notified when your order is ready to be picked up (processing time is 1-3 Days)​​

  • Priority Mail, 1-3 Days - Real-time calculated rates from USPS will be posted after you enter your shipping info during checkout (before finalizing order) - Your order will be shipped from Zone 1 

  • Priority Mail Express, Overnight, 1-2 Days - This is the best service for packages you need super lickety split (aka extra quick!) - Real-time calculated rates from USPS will be posted after you enter your shipping info during checkout (before finalizing order)

  • To All of Our Friends Outside the US - Real-time calculated rates from USPS are posted according to the country we are shipping to. Please add your shipping info to get real-time shipping rates.

If we are shipping to you, processing time is 1-3 days, however, during promotional periods/holidays, orders may take extra time, but don't worry, we will always communicate that to you. We offer several shipping options through USPS, which we have chosen for a couple of reasons:

  1. USPS offers quick service, at a reasonable rate, as well as package tracking.

  2. Since the USPS already travels daily to nearly every home and neighborhood in the US, if we put our packages on their trucks, we won't be putting additional vehicles on the road, and in turn, be a small part of helping to control the amount of global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions produced by vehicles. (for more information on the effects of greenhouse gas, click here


Priority mail typically arrives within 1-3 business days from the ship date. In some situations, typically when shipping very large orders, we will use UPS. Shipping time for these orders can be up to 5 days. No matter which service you choose, you will receive a tracking number by email to keep you apprised of the shipping status. 



Summertime Shipping: We at Gritz n Glitz proudly use NO chemical stabilizers in our products. Everything is natural, which makes it vulnerable to extreme weather. Heat is the enemy of hard butters and emulsions; freezing temps, on the other hand, aren’t quite as bad, but they still aren’t thrilled about it. With this in mind, shipping during hot or cold weather may cause melting or freezing, which may alter the texture of many of our products. Hard butters have a melting point of between 73-85 degrees, so they're likely to melt in heat greater than these temperatures. If the product is melted when you receive it, put it in the refrigerator for a bit so it can re-solidify. If the product is frozen, allow time for the product to heat up to room temperature (do NOT attempt to heat it up, let it warm naturally at room temperature). Also, if our Body Soufflé Butters arrive melted, they may not appear full in the jar because they started out whipped with air (to make them a soufflé) and now the air has dissipated. You are not receiving less product; it is still the same amount you would have received in a full jar if the product had not melted. The good news is, melting or freezing does NOT negatively affect the wonderful skin nourishing benefits and the products are still completely safe to use.


We always do our absolute best to get your products to you in the same condition as they are when they leave the lab. Therefore, in the warmer months, we only ship Mon-Wed, to lessen the time your order sits in a hot delivery truck. Upon delivery, we recommend a speedy retrieval from the heat to assure your products are in the best possible condition.


With all of this being said, unfortunately you have to make the decision for shipping - though, we will do everything in our power to protect your products from melting (using frozen gel packs), we can't promise that they won't, If this happens, we will not be responsible for re-shipping or refunding your order. Lastly, we do offer a shipping upgrade to Express Overnight shipping if you choose (see below for rates).

**PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, porch piracy is a problem everywhere, which is why we ship using only traceable methods. We recommend using your tracking number to find out what "time-ish" your package will be delivered, so you can look out for it. Once a package shows as delivered by the carrier, we cannot be liable if not received by the recipient, though we will work with USPS and/or UPS and do our best to assist in finding your package (just an FYI...thankfully, we have not had any issues with this so far!)

ships from zone 1

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Priority Mail

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Priority Mail Express

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