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Body Soufflé Butter Collection

With its triple-whipped formula, the Body Soufflé Butters in this Collection are ultra-soft, super light, soothing and can be applied at any time of the day. They are created with non-comedogenic ingredients, making them perfect for skins of all types, including sensitive skin, that screams (or asks nicely) for hydration and nourishment. Due to the great demand of our Soufflé Butters, we continue to add your favorite scents (or "un" scent) often.​

Creamy Sugar Scrub Collection

If your skin is parched and dry, our creamy Emulsified Sugar Scrubs are the answer. Our scrubs offer gentle exfoliation while hydrating and stimulating skin regeneration and boosting cell revitalization. Our tried and tested sugar scrubs allow the soft, supple skin beneath to breathe. Thanks to the emulsifying ingredients, the product will lather into a lotion and will lock the moisture in for long-lasting hydration. 

Cleansing Gritz Collection

A blend of cleansing power, nourishing oils and natural exfoliates are all found in our Cleansing Gritz Collection. This multipurpose product imparts the skin with a number of benefits, including nourishment, moisturization, exfoliation and detoxification at the same time as it leaves behind smoother, healthier, glowing and youthful skin. ​

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