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This is long but I really love these products and wanted to share my experience!!

In 2016, I was left with a huge abdominal scar after emergency surgery. My doc said to use Vit E on it but it left a gross thick layer of gooey goop and left stains on my clothing. Needless to say, I've been hunting for a product that would soften/thin my scars, exfoliate and moisturize my skin...and be natural-I didn't think that was too much for me to ask, right? Wrong! I've tried products from just about every beauty bar, health food store and company claiming they have the "best" products! I've literally spent thousands on body butters, serums, scrubs, salts, bombs, soaks, you name it, I've tried it. Many left a sticky or thick layer on my skin that left me hot and irritated. Some would smell good but once the tub drained, I was left with nothing even close to something I would call moisturizing. 

I started using Gritz n Glitz products back in Feb 2021 and have never looked back! I love everything about them! I've used nearly everything they have in each collection! I've never felt better about a product...I mean not only does everything smell fantastic, but they use all natural ingredients!


Oh...and the Lippy! Goes on smooth, not like the candle wax in Chapstick. It smells delicious and leaves my lips smooth and moist. Oh, and my entire family loves these products - my 15yo son is hooked on the cleansing gritz and no longer suffers from BO (him or us)! My teenage daughter and all of her friends love it too (of course!)! Even Odie the dog loves it! He ate my vanilla body soufflé! 

WOULD RECOMMEND? Ummm, let me think....YES!!

ANYTHING TO ADD? I think you've heard enough lol


Stephanie J

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