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I am SOO picky about the products I use on my face because I have struggled in cystic acne and painful welts as consequences of many products I have used before. I was hesitant at first, but after going over the ingredients list with Angela (who is the just the sweetest and most patient), I gave it a try. Just over a year later, lo and behold, my skin GLOWS! Nothing else has left my skin softer, more resilient, and clean. I shared the body butter, sugar scrub, and salt scrub with my mother, and she too is hooked! She uses nothing else. We are so excited to see her expand her reach so quickly. And as if I need to rave any more about this company, Angela has been one of the easiest people to laugh and do business with! If you have any concerns about making the switch to clean and local, drop them at the curb.


Monica L.

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