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Hi there,

I just had to send you a note to tell you how much I love your sugar scrub. I recall that although I was happy about your product, it seemed like there are so many people selling products that I was not prepared to be totally impressed.  I was wrong.  I am super happy about the quality of your products.  


I have used your sugar face scrub now for a couple months.  I’m 61 and I used to have perfect skin but now exfoliation is even more important for my skin to feel like it should.  I use the sugar scrub on my face often and the few imperfections in my skin have magically gone away.  These are little bumps under the skin that just went away. Additionally, my skin takes in my moisturizer so much better. I gave my husband a facial one day and now he pouts if I don’t offer it to him again.  (ha-ha)    I have tried all kinds of exfoliators on my face before, including high end exfoliators, from time to time. None hold a candle to your product.  And I love it that it’s so natural that when I use it on my lips, there’s no yuck involved.  I actually offered it to my grandkids recently, as they had chapped lips.  One agreed and loved it.  The other wouldn’t try it.  The one who used it had hugely improved lips the next day.  So, whatever you do to make such a great product, thank you. I don’t want to use anything else. I have gifted it and will continue to gift it through the years. Susan just gave me a sample of your lip balm. It’s great too.  I will try the salt scrub next.  I’m so glad we are selling your products.  They really are the best.   


Cindy T

General Manager

Stoneridge Resort

150 Holiday Loop

Blanchard, ID  83804

(208) 437-2451 (main line)


Cindy T

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