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Well good morning Ladies! It is November 19 this wonderful fall day! Just wanted to drop a line, and tell you how tremendously you have blessed me with your CBD ointment. For the longest time I have been fighting with sleep. So not only do I put it on my chest and scar from my bilateral mastectomy… I also put it behind my ears when I go to bed. My chest does not hurt and I seem to have good sleep finally. Now last night I did not put it on my chest before bed, or behind my ears. I was just too tired and I went to bed. Well I woke up this morning and my Chest was letting me know ‘hey I’m gonna give you some pain this morning!’ So I just put it on and I headed to the bathroom to finish getting ready for work and I can literally feel it penetrating and getting in there! Ladies Ladies Ladies, you have no idea how great 🦋 this has been to use for the last few weeks! Thank you thank you thank you for your kindness, your compassion, and your empathy! You literally surprised my daughter and I at the Shadle craft show. The last thing I expected was somebody to show such a sweet gesture! I know you’re trying to make money, so part of me felt so guilty taking a gift from you! You Ladies are just so wonderful to have blessed me like you did! 🌞Sweet blessings and great vibrations sent your way!💗💕



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