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Afternoon Delight - Delight in the vibrant harmony of our Afternoon Delight Sugar Scrub, where a harmonious blend of sweet clementine, apple, peach, and melon dances atop a bouquet of floral notes including violet, lily, and freesia. As the scent unfolds, a base of clean musk, amber, and vanilla lends a touch of depth and sophistication, leaving a lingering trail of irresistible allure. Experience the perfect blend of fruity freshness and floral elegance, enriched by a warm and comforting base that captivates the senses from start to finish.


**Comes in Sugar Scrub and Body Soufflé Butter

Afternoon Delight Sugar Scrub

  •  Experience the ultimate hydration solution for your parched, dry skin with our decadent and creamy Sugar Scrubs. Designed to gently exfoliate while deeply moisturizing, the scrub stimulates skin regeneration and boost cell revitalization for a radiant complexion.

    Our formula ensures that your skin feels soft and supple after each use, allowing the natural beauty beneath to shine. Thanks to the emulsifying ingredients, our scrubs transform into a luxurious lotion upon contact with water, providing long-lasting hydration that keeps your skin moisturized and nourished.

    Say goodbye to dry, dull skin and hello to a renewed, revitalized complexion. Treat yourself to the ultimate spa-like experience with every shower and unveil skin that feels hydrated, rejuvenated, and irresistibly smooth. You’ll never want to shower without it!

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