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Our Tattoo Balm Stick is great for hands free, on-the-go moisturization. It is non-greasy, but because of the organic beeswax, it will create a more noticeable barrier while letting your skin breath at the same time. *Beeswax does NOT clog pores or suffocate your tattoo

With only 7 ingredients, our hands-free balm stick:

 - Is 100% Organic

 - Will nourish your skin in preparation of getting your tattoo - doing this will often times save you from the 'seeping' stage

 - Can be used as soon as immediately. Your artist can guide you, however we've found that you can begin using this product immediately after your first wash

 - Lets your skin breath - does NOT suffocate your tattoo

 - If your artist uses sani/flexiderm, begin using the balm immediately after your first wash and all throughout the healing stage 

 - Should be reapplied after each wash

 - Is known to cut healing time in half

 - Can be used during the entire life of your tattoo to keep it moisturized, healthy and vibrant

 - Is made with our Relaxation blend of Essential Oils including Lavender, Peppermint, Copaiba, Lemon & Lemongrass 


Tattoo Balm Stick

  • *MCT Oil, *Kokum Butter, *Beeswax, *Hemp Seed Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil

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